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Breast Aesthetics / Breast Augmentation Aesthetics After Sourcing?


After Breast Augmentation Surgeries;

where the permit stays is planned before surgery. The breast determines where the permission to insert the silicone implant stays. There are three most widely used input methods in today's techniques. These are the methods of entering straight or under the armpits in the under-nipple groove in the form of a smiley face around the nipple.

Breast Augmentation Aesthetics;

The use of the armpit incision is a method that has become popular recently. With this method, there is no trace on the breast. In cases where a very short scar is desired, the prosthesis is selected as the type filled with the serum. With the development of prosthetic technology, the use of gel prosthesis has become very preferred compared to serum filled prostheses. Therefore, when gel silicone is used, the underarm input work is somewhat prolonged. The biggest disadvantage of the underarm print is the possibility of being visible from the outside when you wear a strappy suit.

Method 2;

Breast augmentation aesthetics with nipple circumsification is the second method. It is entered with an incision in the form of a smiley face in the lower half of the nipple. The lower part of the mammary gland is reached. Although it has been reported that this cut has no effect on breastfeeding, I do not use much for women who have not given birth because they are obliged to cut some of the milk glands. This scar is very easily concealed by the dark color of the nipple, but it can be determined when you are left without underwear.

Breast augmentation surgery with incision performed in sub-breast mature is the most preferred method today. In this technique, a 4 cm long mark remains in the under-breast groove. No damage to the milk glands is done in any way. When you are naked, it is not obvious because it will be covered by the breast while standing, but it can be seen in a reclining position.

healing process;

Breast augmentation aesthetics, nipple and under-breast groove scars remain under underwear and bikini and are not visible in any way from the clothes. Armpit marks are rare when they're out of the suit. Aesthetically smooth and beautifully discarded stitch, after a period of six months, all the marks will remain as thin as drawn with a pen is not very pronounced. Having steeper full breasts with breast augmentation makes the remaining scars even less important.