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Risk of Breast Cancer Diseases, Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Cancer DiseaseRisk, What Risks May Occur After Breast Reduction Surgery?

One of the most common diseases in women lately and which is very difficult is breast cancer. Women can make determinations about cancerous breast symptoms by performing breast examinations for themselves during certain periods. A mass that comes into consideration can be a precursor to breast cancer.

Why Is Breast Cancer Occurring?

Breast cancer is composed of milk glands or cells of the canals that carry milk to the breast. Experts do not fully identify the factors involved in the formation of cancerous breast symptoms, but suggest that this is caused by genetic or gene mutation.

Early Diagnosis by Self-Examination

The most important factor in early diagnosis of breast cancer is self-examination method. Women control their breasts with circular movements at certain periods and at this stage they can provide early diagnosis when they consult a specialist by encountering an audience. Thus, while breast cancer is still in the first stage, the progression of the disease can be stopped and the treatment process can be started.
The symptoms of cancerous breasts may not be clearly understood in the early stages of breast cancer, but when women regularly perform breast examinations on their own at certain times, they will now be able to recognize their own breasts in the breast or in the seat they will be more likely to immediately understand the differences that may occur in the section towards the bottom.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery? Why is it done?

Breast reduction surgery is the type of operation applied by women who complain that their breasts are too large. Breast reduction surgery ensures that breasts reach a smaller size than desired.
During breast reduction surgery, some of the sebaceous glands that cause the breast to become large are removed and the breast body is reduced.
Risks After Breast Reduction Surgery
– Risk of bleeding: Although it is very unlikely after reduction surgery, it is a condition that can be seen.
– Change in Breast Sensitivity: Breast sensitivity may be temporarily reduced after breast reduction surgery.
– ScarRing: In every surgical operation, there is always a marked or unspecified scar. After breast reduction surgery, the scars that are specific or uncertain may remain according to the person.
– Pain Formation: Pain can be seen in the shoulders, back and neck after breast reduction surgery.