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Body Aesthetic

  • karin-germe

    WHAT IS Tummy Tuck?

    It is an indication of an abdomen that is flat-stretched and shows the muscle shadows below, and a t..

  • Mini-Karin-Germe

    WHAT IS Mini Tummy Tuck?

    Mini Abdominal Lifting Surgery can only be performed on patients who have excess under the belly but..

  • bacak-estetigi

    WHAT IS Leg Aesthetics?

    In cases where the calf is curved or thin, women often avoid choosing skirts in their clothes. Ortho..

  • ayak-bilegi-estetigi

    WHAT IS Ankle Aesthetics?

    Expected content..

  • popo-estetigi

    WHAT IS Butt Aesthetics?

    In cases where the aesthetic ratio of the butt is impaired with the body, butt aesthetic surgeries a..

  • koll-germe

    WHAT IS Arm Lifting?

    In arm lifting surgeries, if the sagging is low or moderate, a flat arm shape can be provided with a..

  • Uyluk Germe

    WHAT IS Thigh Lifting?

    The inner part of the leg is deformed and the sagging in this area can not wear tight trousers and i..