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Your Own Fat in Breast Augmentation.

Take Advantage of Your Breast Augmentation Oil

People applying for breast augmentation are either women who are born with very small breasts or have volume loss and shrinkage in their postpartum breasts. In both cases, what needs to be done is to give the breasts fuller. For this reason, silicone implants, which we still use most today and which I can call the gold standard, are at the forefront. With the technology developing recently, we can say that fat injections have become preferable.

There used to be a lot of question marks about silicones. Today, with the development of silicone gel models, many new implants are available. With new silicones, we can achieve a more natural appearance by selecting implants of a specific size for each patient. Patients can use these implants for life, so there's no need for change. It does not have any negative effect on the person during pregnancy and lactation.

Other Methods Recommended for Breast Augmentation

The second most common method for breast augmentation is fat injection. for patients who do not want foreign bodies in their body for cinful reasons or in their body, it can be preferred instead of silicone. The fat is taken from one part of your body by special methods and subjected to a number of purification procedures and then injected with the breasts to give volume.

First of all, it is necessary to have enough fat tissue elsewhere in the body. In this region, oil is drawn using special thin cannulas. The amount withdrawn is based on preoperative planning. Very thin inlet holes are opened from the nipples and fat is given to the breast with fine injection cannula. This procedure can be performed on local anesthesia horse and the recovery period takes about 3 days on average.

After Breast Augmentation

Since 30 to 40% of the oil transferred after injection can be melted, it is essential to perform some extra injections during surgery. The tissue given by fat injection is all yours and this oil is gaining and losing a kilo with you. In addition, stem cells transferred together with fat tissue can increase the quality of breast skin. Rarely, if the oil volume melts more than expected, a second less volume injection may be needed.