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Do You Know Your Right Bra Size?

Do You Know Your Right Bra Size?

Did you know that 70% of women wear bras that don't fit their bodies? When I ask the ladies who come to me for breast aesthetics about their bra size, and then when I measure them correctly, I realize that the majority don't know the actual sizes. The most common misconception is the narrow band size than it should be and the choice of you who is bigger than it should be. Bras used in this way are necessarily supported models and cause back pain during the day because the band size is small.  So what does this mean the band size and cup size.


2 measurements are used to determine the body of the bra. You only need a tape measure for that.


Band size: The size of the breast diameter that passes under the breasts. This measure is determined by the diameter of the ribs and the sternum, shoulder blades and back muscles in the back. Therefore, these anatomical structures are not interfered with during breast augmentation and breast reduction surgeries, so changes cannot be made to this extent. When you measure your chest diameter, you add 5 to the resulting number and you find the band size. For example, if your chest diameter is 80 cm, your correct band size is calculated as 85.



Cup size: This measure determines the fullness, i.e. volume of the breasts. The tape measure should be measured so that it passes through the nipples. This figure is breast size and cup size is obtained according to the figure obtained when the breast size is removed from the band size. To continue with the example above, let's say we found that your band size is 85, your breast size is 97. The difference is 12 cm and this "A" cup is equal to you.



10-12 cm AA
12-14 cm A
14-16 cm B
16-18 cm C
18-20 cm D
20 over cm Dd



Knowing the correct size is important to determine which body bra you want to use after breast aesthetics. It is important for the patient and the physician to make the correct determination on this subject for the surgery to be performed. It is not possible to replace the band size with breast aesthetic surgeries, but the Cup size can be changed. Especially in breast augmentation surgeries, the aim is to add volume to the breast and an increase can be obtained from A cup to B or C. In determining how much the volume will increase, we plastic surgeons use many different parameters besides bra sizes such as rib cage length and width, shoulder width, collarbone measurements. As a result of these measurements, we determine how much volume increase will produce natural results for the patient.  According to body sizes, an extremely large breast can create a vamp image, as well as a small prosthesis to be used to achieve the desired size and can create unhappiness in the patient. For this, all these measures are of great importance.


In breast reduction surgeries, patients usually complain of neck pain, sweating under the breast and related itching, bra straps cutting shoulders. Many patients who have had these complaints for a long time can use phrases such as "doctor, please take my whole breast". However, both breast and body measurements should be taken into consideration by pushing in breast reduction surgeries. A breast that is smaller than it should be after breast reduction surgery creates a masculine image, while breast heat that has not decreased enough may cause all complaints to continue.