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Breast Silicone, Drops? Round?

Breast Augmentation Surgery Silicone Preference

We are still able to achieve the most reliable and best results for breast augmentation surgeries by using breast implants. Women start to do research for breast augmentation surgeries if breast tissue is insufficient volume or in cases such as postpartum breast shrinkage.

She's looking up a lot of questions in women's minds who are taking a feverish study for breast augmentation aesthetics. The most common question we face is the type of silicone prosthesis. In the first place, we are faced with the question of whether my silicone will be drop-shaped or round.

With the developing technology, the diversity of silicones has increased considerably. Although it is basically submerged under two species, i.e. anatomical and round, there are many kinds of prosthesis under neath. The variety of silicones has been increased according to their width, height, height measurements and gel fullness, and the chance to choose the prosthesis that will give the person the most natural result has become quite easy.

What is Drop Breast Silicone?

Drip breast silicone: In this silicone type, the lower part of the prosthesis is fuller and the higher upper part, i.e. the décolleté area, is more flattened and is called drip silicone because it resembles a drop of water when viewed from the side. Drop prosthesis may be preferred in patients with almost no breast volume in order to obtain a more natural and anatomical breast. For people who want an increase in volume with sufficient breast tissue but do not want the décolleté area to be too prominent, drip silicone can also be selected.

What is Round Breast Silicone?

Round breast silicone: It can be preferred in women who have sufficient breast tissue and who want to be numb or who want to have significant fullness in the décolletage by staying in the same way. There are many types of round prostheses and appropriate silicone can be selected after detailed chest wall and breast measurements of the patient

Consequently, it is important to evaluate each patient specifically and to use the appropriate silicone according to their expectations. Just because your friend has created a beautiful, natural breast of silicone in the form of drops, it is not right to think that the same result will occur when you are used the same result.