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Cleavage Requires Aesthetics, Not Courage

Recent breast augmentation operations are among the most performed plastic surgeries. This surgery, which is structurally preferred by women with small breasts or breasts after births and breastfeeding, produces very smiley results.

Breast augmentation surgeries are the first breast size increase and many patients are stuck with the volume of silicone to be used. Of the most women who applied to the clinic, you put this much silicone in my friend, and it's great, and I want the same thing, and I hear a lot of them saying. However, more important than the size of the breast in these surgeries is what the shape of the breast should be.

It is very important to determine the correct expectations for the change in shape and size after surgery. For this reason, each patient should be evaluated within the anatomical and aesthetic criteria of both the chest and the whole body. These mathematical measurements are made by looking at the width and length of the chest wall, shoulder width, opening between both breasts, size and placement of the nipples.  In addition, the patient's height waist and abdominal circumference are factors that will determine the result of the back structure and body type.

After this surgery, it is noted that the décolletage area is at the appropriate fullness, that the breasts are neither too separate from each other nor too adhesion to each other, that they do not overflow from the edges of the breasts and that the nipples are symmetrically facing exactly across the border. features.

Short, chest diameter is not too large in women with a narrow size, the upper fullness of the chest is not clear and the breast range is not too narrow to achieve a result will result more natural and aesthetic. In people who are tall, narrow shoulders, thin and have a long build, the shape of the breast should not be like a ball and the transition lines of the décolleté area should be softer. In fit women with more athletic body type and who usually exercise for a long time, a result that is suitable for the muscular and wide structure of the chest, and which is equally and balanced in the lower breast and décolleté area, should be targeted. Thus, strapless, triangular bikini or chest cleavage are acquired in open clothes with a more aesthetic appearance.

Before the questions of whether the breast augmentation should be round, under the muscle or above the muscle and how many cc of silicone should be used before the questions, how should the appropriate breast structure be in my body, how do I want to use bras after this surgery and natural without vamp and It would be more accurate to look for answers to the questions of how to get an aesthetic appearance.