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Most Sought-After Aesthetic Procedures in 2017 and Innovations brought by the New Year

In recent years, people have increased their care and time to look more well-groomed, prettier and fitter. In order to meet these requests, there has also been an increase in the number of aesthetic procedures. We will try to answer the question of what year 2017 has been for these transactions and what awaits us in the new year.


Aesthetic procedures in fact in the form of aesthetic surgery and non-surgical procedures in two parts of hazel is useful. it would be more appropriate to address both issues.


What year was 2017 for aesthetic surgery procedures?

In fact, interest in aesthetic surgery has increased more in the last decade. Although many of the data about aesthetic surgery are of American origin, we can say that there are rough numbers for our country as well. Liposuction surgery for body contouring is still one step ahead, as in recent years around the world. In Turkey, the most common surgery is rhinoplasty, i.e. aesthetic nose surgery, and second place is liposuction and breast aesthetic surgeries. In our country, liposuction surgeries are preferred in almost all age groups, while nose and breast aesthetic surgeries are mostly preferred in young and middle age groups.


Compared to previous times, has there been an increase in different surgical procedures in 2017?

There is a significant increase in surgical interventions, especially in the butt region, both abroad and in our country. There are a lot of women who want the butt part more prominent, rounder and bigger. To meet these requests in the butt region, fat injections with liposuction and special cyclone productionsurgeries are performed for the butt. Although it is not as many as other surgeries, the frequency of the number of surgeries is doubled compared to the previous year.


How it went for 2017 in non-surgical applications in the field of aesthetics.

The increase in aesthetic procedures, which we call non-surgical procedures or minimally invasive applications and which can be performed in an office environment, has increased almost tenfold compared to surgeries. Botox and fillings that we use to treat wrinkles are among the first of these procedures. Anti-aging applications come from behind. Today, people prefer to look both well-groomed and dynamic, so the demand for these applications, which can be done in a short period of time and which offers the chance to resume normal life immediately after the procedure, is also increasing. Especially away from a tired image, the desire for a more vivid look is indispensable for almost everyone. For this reason, I can say that there is an extra increase in aesthetic procedures around the eyes.


Is there a change in the preferences of aesthetic procedures for men and women?

Although the tendency towards plastic surgery is thought to be more in women, nose and liposuction surgeries are almost alone for both men and women. Men are more interested in body contouring surgeries to have a fitter body. Again, hair transplantation is done quite frequently for men.

In non-surgical aesthetic applications, although women still appear to be in large numbers, the interest of men has increased considerably compared to the past periods.

What is the most important point about aesthetic procedures for our readers for 2018?

With this rapid increase in applications, the number of practitioners has also increased. People who are thinking about these procedures should first pay attention to determine where to apply because there is also an increase in the procedures we call under the stairs.  We've also read a lot about practices by non-doctors for 2017 and unfortunate results. All these plastic surgeries and procedures are medical applications and I strongly recommend that people consult a plastic surgeon.