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In some people, the end of the jaw may be congenitally behind or smaller than it should be a jawbone. In patients presenting with jaw problems, detailed measurements should be made as well as other aesthetic structures of the face should be evaluated. Especially lips, nose, cheekbone and forehead should be considered holistic before the jaw procedures.

Although surgeries are sometimes on the agenda in patients with a backbone jaw bone or small jaw tip, a better image can be achieved with filling in patients who do not prefer surgery to correct this image. Fillings containing hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxypathy may be preferred for the jaw area. The differences between these two products are the fullness and persistence periods they provide. The product and quantity to be applied according to the decision of the patient and the physician are determined.

Jaw filling applications are applied with filling materials with dermal properties. These fillers are also divided into different classes within themselves. The most preferred fillers are hyaluronic acid, beef collagen, the body's own fat cells, calcium hydroxipatitis.

The application of jaw filling does not require anesthesia, point injection or microcanul techniques can be used. the process takes an average of 15 minutes and can be resumed immediately afterwards. There is no pain or swelling after application.

Jaw filling applications last approximately 15 minutes. This time set for the session continues in the form of similar minutes in each session. The application, which is defined as injecting the filling material into the areas marked in the jaw area, is terminated as extremely painless.