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With advancing time and environmental factors, wear and tear occurs on your face. With a decrease in the protein-structured collagen and elastin fibers and relaxation of the bonds between each other, decrease in the amount of hyalüronic acid providing humidity, wrinkles on the skin, a pale color and a more tired appearance are formed. For better skin, you need to drink plenty of fluids, eat properly, exercise, stay away from smoking and the sun. In addition, a number of injection methods can be used to reconstruct the elements that make up the building blocks of the skin.

Salmon DNA contains rich amino acids necessary for the formation of protein structures in the skin and also increases the production of hyalüronic acid, which provides moistness. The combination of this amino acid is completely natural and compatible with the human body.

Salmon DNA application can be done from small injection points in all percent. Local numbing is performed with the cream before the procedure and the application takes an average of 10 minutes. The best results are achieved with a treatment protocol of 4 sessions, which will be once every 15 days. The effectiveness of the application becomes apparent after the second injection and lasts for eight months to a year.