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Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentation Aesthetics

Full, steep and body size sized breasts are one of the most important parts of women's aesthetics. Women whose breasts have not developed to sufficient size or who have not reached sufficient size or who have had a reduced level of birth and breastfeeding, or even after weight gain and loss, can cause loss of self-confidence and therefore operations such as breast augmentation may be preferred.

Breast Augmentation (Breast Augmentation)

In surgeries, it is important to reshape the boob as well as to bring it to the appropriate size. The success of the operation is determined by the full evaluation of breast volume and body size, the rib cage structure and the planning of the skin quality.

Breast Augmentation Today

The most frequently used breast augmentation method today is silicone implants. With the developing technology, prostheses are produced in many different volumes and shapes, which gives each patient the freedom to choose the appropriate one, but also ensures that the surgical endist is better.

Top Questions

The most frequently asked questions by patients are technical details such as whether it is drop or round, under muscle or above muscle. Technical details are decisions to be made according to the anatomical structure of the person, so the question that needs to be answered is what kind of breast you want. After a detailed interview with your doctor, deciding how to size and shape is the most important step in breast augmentation procedures.

Breast Augmentation Surgeries

it is performed under general anesthesia and lasts for an average of one hour. There are muscle pains similar to post-sports muscle pain in the chest area after surgery and patients can return to their daily lives within the third day with pain relief drugs taken. After the edema is minimized, the recommended period for you to buy the underwear you want is two months.