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Breast Reduction


About Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction is one of the aesthetics that women are most interested in. "A great burden has been lifted from my shoulders" was said for breast reduction surgery. Many patients wish they had done this job before after surgery.
"A great burden has been lifted from my shoulders, and it was said for breast reduction surgery. Many patients wish they had been admitted after surgery.

Although the large breast appears attractive at a young age, with the time and births, even more growth and sagging becomes a difficult burden for women to carry. In order to hide large breasts, there may be problems that progress to being deprived of light hunchbacked walking and clothing, even inability to participate in sports activities and being comfortable in the social environment. Neck and back pains, diaper rash under the breast, shoulder scars due to the compression of bra straps are also complaining.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgeries are aimed at reducing the breasts in accordance with the patient's wishes and body aesthetic measurements. In this operation, 3 basic procedures are performed. By taking excess fat and breast tissue, the breasts are reduced, the sagging nipple is hung in its normal place and the excess skin is removed and the breast is given a more natural appearance.

All patients who have completed breast development are suitable for this operation. In women who have not given birth, the most common concern is postoperative breastfeeding. With current techniques, the effect of giving milk is minimal by protecting breast tissue, milk ducts and nipple. In many studies, it has been revealed that women who have undergone surgery can breastfeed in close proportions with those who do not have surgery.

Another issue is the scars left after surgery. Unfortunately, a untraceable result is not possible in breast reduction surgeries. Sometimes there is a flat mark at the nipple that extends round and downward, while sometimes a mark that will remain under the breast is added to the opposite T-shaped scars. Over time, however, these marks become faint, becoming too noticeable.

In accordance with your preoperative age, you can perform cancer screenings by ultrasound or mammography. Tissues removed during surgery are also subjected to pathological examination. In various studies, it has also been found that breast reduction surgeries reduce the risk of cancer because the volume of the breast is reduced.

Healing Process in Breast Surgery

Breast reduction surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and last for an average of 3 hours. You just need to spend the night you're in surgery in your hospital. These surgeries are not very painful and you can return to your normal life after the first week.