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Detention Bruising Treatment


You look so tired these days, your eyes are bruised and you're sleepless, and sometimes being exposed to questions can make you feel both tired and old. Under-eye bruises can occur for many reasons. Irregular sleep, malnutrition, too much computer work, smoking and alcohol use are among the top of these. Often people also talk about familial predisposition.

What causes under-eye bruises?

As the cheeks are separated from the lower eyelid and pendulum with the following time, under-eye bagging and tear-tearing hole is formed. The lower eyelid skin, which is very thin, has a darker color and fine wrinkles. All these causes occur for different reasons and all these factors come together and make the underwater look older.

How are under-eye bruises treated?

Treatment is also different for each factor because there are many factors that make up the under-eye bruises.
These treatments are brought together and provide a combined solution is the most important issue. In this combined treatment, the under-eye pit is corrected, fine wrinkles are opened and antioxidant serum is applied to reduce the bruising. With antioxidant serum, the lower eyelid is rearranged in blood circulation where the pigment giving it dark erroneously is reduced and a brighter appearance is gained.

Do under-eye bruises recur after treatment?

Under-eye bruising treatment is often a difficult treatment, but it is possible to get rid of this problem with a combined treatment plan. Depending on the person's condition, sometimes a single session and sometimes consecutive sessions may be required. Treatment effect and persistence can be increased with precautions and products for protection after treatment.