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Holywood skincare : Hydrafacial

HydraFacial MD is a brand new skin renewal system designed to meet different needs for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin. It is a medical application used to protect the youth of the face for a long time, to repair skin damage and to meet the different problems of the skin.

HydraFacial MD application cleans the skin using specially formulated solutions, hydradermadermarazyon is performed for an average of 30 minutes, cleansed from superficial dead cells, exfoliates and treats excess fat secretion in the skin Is. Then the skin is repaired, nourished and moisturized with antioxidant solutions containing peptides, antioxidants and hyalüronic acid. Stain treatment, fine wrinkle treatment, moisture balance and pore tightening treatments can be performed according to the skin's needs with different serums and combinations that can be used in the system.

HydraFacial MD is separated from other skin renewal systems by the serum distribution system using patented Vortex ® technology. The head of the device is ergonomic ally and dual function; it allows control of serum type and flow intensity according to different skin types and problems.

Each transition on the skin uses a series of patented Hydrapeel ® tips suitable for the type of solution.

HydraFacial MD, which has been awarded the "Best Skin Renewal Device Award" every year for many years, is manufactured in the UsA. This system with FDA approval is a safe, comfortable application.

All these features have made HydraFacial MD the choice of Hollywood stars, including celebrities such as Paris Hilton.

What is done in Hydrafacial Application?

Hydrafacial skin care and renewal system, liquid pressure technique called Liquid-dermabrasion is applied. By combining the vacuum with liquid, peeling process is carried out. At the end of all these procedures, fine wrinkles are opened by applying appropriate serums to the skin. Special serum application is also applied for the application of cream with hyalüronic acid, which is extremely successful in moisturizing dry skin, and for the process of purifying large pores and black heads.