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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)


What is PRP?

Platelet, or Platelet, is the cells that provide clotting in the blood. They come to the ground during an injury and first stop the bleeding, where they reveal many growth factors that allow healing and new tissue formation. The serum obtained by separating platelets after taking the person's blood and undergoing certain procedures is called platelet-rich plasma or PRP.

How to obtain PRP

Obtaining PRP is an ordinary blood collection process for the patient. The blood taken in a special tube is centrifuged by a specified protocol and the platelet part is separated so that we have thirty-forty times increased platelet serum, so many cells are also dense growth factors. Means.

What does PRP and Growth Factor do?

Platelets try to stop bleeding in the wounded tissue, but since there is no bleeding in facial region injections, they do not need to work for clotting. Because they're out of the vein, they release rapid growth factors by pretending that they've been injured and need healing. Growth factors increase the operation of new collagen-producing cells and also ensure that the substances needed for new collagen are brought to their location. Thus, re-production of collagen in the facial area and a brighter, more vivid appearance is gained.

What are the benefits of PRP?

PRP applications involved in anti-aging processes, thin wrinkle treatments formed by aging, reduction of spots, increase skin elasticity, reduction of porous appearance, gaining moist state and gaining brightness is used for. It helps to slow down aging by applying at certain intervals and to make the skin more resistant to external factors. PRP Dermapen increases their effectiveness by using them in conjunction with fillers, lasers, chemical pelling. It is also used to reduce hair loss and increase hair thickness.

How is PRP implemented?

After the person's own blood is taken, the serum is placed in injectors with thin needles. In the targeted area, it is injected immediately under the skin to form a small bubble. These injection bumps dissipate within half an hour. Up to five cc of PRP on average is sufficient for the whole face and neck. at least three applications should be performed with a two-week break.

Are there PRP side effects?

This serum, obtained from your own blood, has no risk of allergic reaction. Since all procedures are performed with sterile and disposable materials, there is no risk of infection. There may be small bruising where the needles sink during application.