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Satin Face Lift


Looking younger and more dynamic is what almost everyone wants. With today's developments, there is a wide range of ways to make the face look younger, from plastic surgery surgeries to injection methods and device usage. Due to intensive work and social life, people who cannot devote time to the recovery periods of surgical methods are more interested in non-surgical procedures. The new generation of skin rejuvenation systems focus on wrinkle treatments, renewal of subcutaneous collagen sequencing and new collagen production and non-surgical face lifting with lifting effects. Non-surgical facelift methods emerged with a technology that started and continued to develop using radio frequency methods. Recently, focused ultrasound technologies using sound waves have also become a treatment option.

Non-Surgical Face Lift

Rejuvenation of the eye circumference in non-surgical Face Lift or satin face lift procedures, correction of nasolabial (nasal edge) grooves with lifting effect on the cheek area, treatment of cigarette lines around the lips and sagging and tickle it is aimed to correct the region. Satin face lift operations to be performed in these regions, efficiency, persistence and safety of the process during application is in the foreground.

Satin face lift; Exilis Elite, which we call it, is mainly injured by both technologies using radio frequency energy and ultrasound as an auxiliary. Radio frequency immediately targets the subcutaneous region, ultrasound homogenizes the energy distribution in this region. Only in the use of focused ultrasound, instead of the heat of close to 65C in a single session, heat between 42-45 C per session occurs, which ensures safety during the process. Satin Face Lift is a one-session aggressive application, which is safer and continuously provides collagen stimulation in the form of sessions, providing a solution with a treatment protocol. One of the biggest advantages in satin face lift compared to other systems is that even eye-controlled applications can be performed safely in this heat-controlled process. Thus, even the thin eyelids are included in the processing.

Depending on the skin quality of the person with non-surgical Satin Face Lift, face rejuvenation can be performed with one and total of 4 to 6 sessions per week. The sessions last an average of 45 minutes and no pain is felt during the application. A mild heat generated during applications is found as relaxing by most patients. The persistence of satin face lift application the amount of newly produced collagen varies according to the patient's skin quality and wear and tear, but compared to other methods, satin face lift ensures the best results. This non-surgical face lift method, which is used in many centers around the world, has been selected as a leader in medical devices in the field of aesthetics in many media and has received many awards.